Artigiansementi has been established in 1984 by the brothers Giuseppe and Bruno Migliozzi, naturally going on the work of their father and their grand father still before to, in selection and trade seed’s sector.

The company increases rapidly hi’s product’s offer with many seed’s varieties of cereals, fodder and grassy carpets, so becoming an accurate and punctual point of reference , for all the central Italy operators that do they turn towards him.

The business is in a constant development phase by means of workers, continuosly driven by the passion of the owners, witch are even engaged in daily activities standing by them; all this enthusiasm is integrated in the mission of the company: to offer solutions for customer’s satisfaction.
Now, the rising “biologic” product’s demand, is driving Artigiansementi to make considerable investments for the production of varieties, that are able to complete his already abundant market’s offer.
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